Influential Figures That Made Blessed Sacrament Who They Are Today

Dolores Zappala Dolores Zappala
WGI Hall of Fame member since 1994. As President of the Board of Directors for well over a decade, Dolores spearheaded WGI through several critical years of growth. As Artistic Director of Blessed Sacrament, she continues to be a driving force in the activity, always striving to introduce the most progressive of standards.

Carrying on the legacy of her father, she has led Blessed Sacrament to more WGI finals than any colorguard in history. Through her commitment and dedication to the organization, Blessed Sacrament has outlived every other colorguard in the activity . She is a common thread that has bonded thirty years of infamy , while constantly pushing her group to new levels.

Dolores has taught her guards the meaning of “Love, Trust & Commitment” year after year through loyalty and guidance. She challenges the activity to keep up with her innovation . Out of respect for the artistic future of the activity, she motivates everyone around her to look at the design process with a fresh perspective. It is this quest for “the next new thing” that continually separates Blessed Sacrament from all of the rest.

Ann Marie Zappala Ann Marie (Zappala) Valeri
Ann Marie was instrumental in making the sabres as well respected as they are today.

“Color guard has been a major part of my life since I was 7 years old, thanks to my late father, Tony Zappala and my sister, Dolores. I have been involved with Blessed Sacrament Color Guard first as a marching member in the drill team days, then as captain until 1980. Instructor and technician of the World Guard from 1980 until 2003. This will be my fourth season teaching Blessed Sac As.”
-Ann Marie Valeri

Peter Kerrigan Peter Kerrigan
Director of Blessed Sacrament 1990/1991 season up until 1994.
Jeff Namian Jeff Namian
WGI Hall of Fame member since 2003.
Show designer for Blessed Sacrament since 1986.

Jeff designed several ground breaking shows including three that were awarded medals. 1988: Bronze “So, Happy Birthday” (What is behind that curtain), 1989: Silver “If You Could Read My Mind” and 1990: Gold “The Shortest Story”

Chris Raichle Chris Raichle
Has been a part of the instructional and creative staff since 1986.

Chris has also been a part of the SAC’s show design and his 1996 show design “Beauty Knowledge = Power” was awarded the Silver medal.

Ed Devlin Ed Devlin
After being an assistant director for four years, Ed took over as director in Fall of 1994. He has been designing Blessed Sacrament’s show since 2004, and the 2005 and 2007 shows have won Bronze medals.

Ed has been on the WGI Board of Directors since 1995. He is currently 1st Vice President.